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Est. 2011
0.0% alcohol

Our alcohol-free wines

Vintense proudly offers quality alcohol-free wines, a respectful alternative for those who do not wish to consume alcohol. We believe in the possibility of enjoying a refined and balanced taste experience, without compromising the choice not to drink alcohol.

wines 0.0%

Discover our 3 ranges of Vintense alcohol-free wines: Bio Organic, Cépages and O°rigin, each offering a unique and unforgettable tasting experience.

wines 0.0%

Discover our 2 ranges of Vintense alcohol-free sparkling wines: Fines Bulles and Prestige, each offering a unique tasting experience.

wines 0.0%

Discover the perfect blend of authentic traditional recipes and modern innovation with our alcohol-free Sangria and Glühwein.


Alcohol-free cocktails

A collection of ready-to-drink alcohol-free cocktails made with de-alcoholised sparkling wine (Fines Bulles Blanc). With the iconic flavours of Hugo, Bellini, Americano Spritz and Mojito Royal, you can now enjoy sophisticated cocktails without the effects of alcohol.


The true pleasure of wine without moderation


Vintense offers a complete range of top-quality alcohol-free wines. Made from the finest grape varieties, they are dealcoholised using Belgian know-how and a unique process. To accompany all your moments of conviviality. A pleasure without moderation.

The real 0.0% We’ve always used a unique dealcoholisation process that ensures every bottle contains absolutely zero per cent alcohol.

Quality alternatives At Vintense, our aim is to offer you alcohol-free alternatives that meet all your quality and flavour requirements.

Anne StassenCOO Neobulles
We have inherited from our ancestors the taste for good products, the demand for quality and the pleasure of sharing.
Alcohol-free cocktails

Download our free recipe book of easy non-alcoholic cocktail recipes using Vintense products and become a mocktail and Perfect Serve pro.

Event & Catering

At Vintense, we’re confident that our range will meet your expectations if you’re looking for an alcohol-free alternative for your customers or your event.

Blog & news
Our alcohol-free wines triumphed at the Prague Wine Trophy with 4 medals. Our Chardonnay won the "Prague Premium Gold" medal, our Syrah the "Prague Gold", and our Fines Bulles were awarded the "Prague Silver".
4 of our Vintense references awarded bronze medals at the famous International Wine & Spirit Competition.
The dangers of pregnancy with alcohol are numerous, which is why the scientific community recommends that mothers-to-be avoid it.